For years Chicago Criminal Defense Attorney Sami Azhari has provided aggressive criminal defense in Chicago and throughout Illinois for  a variety of criminal offenses. Through a combination of hard work and advanced trial skills, he diligently fights for the rights of his clients in both state and federal courts as a Chicago criminal defense attorney. After an arrest, it can be assumed that the prosecution has decided that there is enough evidence to convict you in court, and the case will move forward unless you take action to defend yourself with the assistance of a skilled criminal defense attorney. When you are facing criminal charges, the thought of conviction, imprisonment, or even a criminal record can be emotionally overwhelming. From your initial consultation through the final resolution in your case, Sami will remain dedicated to addressing every question or concern you may have. At every stage, he will keep you informed of any developments in your case and ensure that you understand every option and alternative before proceeding in your case.

Attorney Sami Azhari is among Chicago’s top Criminal Defense, DUI and Expungement lawyers with extensive experience in both state and federal courts. Sami fights aggressively on behalf of his clients to ensure the best possible outcome for the case at hand.

How Can Attorney Sami Azhari Help My Case?

Time tested tactics and aggressive defense strategies have gained Sami his reputation as a fierce and determined criminal defense attorney. Sami has worked against the most relentless of prosecutors and is fully prepared to take your case to trial if necessary. At Azhari LLC, your case is handled with complete confidence and care, with all defense strategies tailored to the details of your case. Sami’s main goal is to get a dismissal, reduction, or a finding of not guilty on any criminal or DUI charges against you. He also specializes in removing criminal charges from your record, through expungement.

Sami understands the intricacies of the complex legal system, and uses it to his advantage to help his clients maintain their rights and freedoms. Prosecution in the State of Illinois is quick to convict an alleged criminal, and without the help of an experienced, aggressive criminal defense attorney, you could end up serving jail time or suffer other steep consequences. Sami takes the time to fully analyze your case and all possible avenues of defense to ensure that the best outcomes be reached. From the first consultation to the closing of your case, Sami acts as your legal counselor, and keeps you up to date on any new information regarding your situation. Each case is different, and should be handled as such, which is why Sami takes the time to identify all facets of the case at hand, and all possible outcomes when facing prosecution. You can rest assured that Sami’s attention to detail and personalized approach will get you the results you deserve.

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