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Our law firm aggressively pursues the dropping of charges before your first court date. You can depend on Azhari Law to give you excellent legal counsel and criminal defense representation.

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From your initial consultation through the final resolution of your case, you can expect aggressive and tenacious defense with a focus on returning optimal results in your case.

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A Chicago Criminal Defense Attorney Who Cares about Your Rights

The Chicago PD and other law enforcement officials in the area are known for being exceedingly tough on crime and working hard to stamp out criminal elements. This, paired with the state of Illinois’ strict criminal code and harsh penalties, can make it terrifying if you are arrested or charge with a crime. Are you going to go to prison? How will you pay the enormous fine? Will your employer fire you now that you have a record? What is going to happen to your family?

These thoughts are normal, but you can’t let them paralyze you into inaction. The best thing that you can do to protect your rights and your future is to seek out a knowledgeable and aggressive Chicago criminal defense lawyer who understands the area and has had success handling your type of case. Chicago criminal attorney Sami Azhari has worked for years to help countless people just like you to get their criminal charges reduced, dropped, or dismissed using any legal means necessary.

Regardless of whether you are facing state or federal charges, Mr. Azhari will use his skill and in-depth understanding of criminal law to get the best possible outcome for your case. Sometimes that means negotiating with the prosecutor for a favorable deal. Other times it may mean taking the case to trial. Unlike many other Chicago-area criminal lawyers, Mr. Azhari has experience – and success – doing both.

The path you take will be up to you, and Sami Azhari will be there every step of the way to advise you, make sure that you understand your options, and answer any questions you have. He knows that the criminal process can feel overwhelming when you are in the middle of it, and always strives to help you understand exactly what is going on at every point along the way and make sure you have a voice in what happens to you.

No Matter the Charge, Chicago Defense Attorney Sami Azhari Has the Knowledge and Experience You Need

Focusing exclusively on Illinois state and federal criminal law has allowed Mr. Azhari to successfully take on all types of criminal cases in his quest to protect the rights of his fellow citizens. His practice areas include:

Even if you do not see your specific charge on this list, that does not mean Mr. Azhari will not be able to help. Fill out our free online case review form and we will let you know if there is anything we can do.

Why You Need a Skilled Illinois Criminal Lawyer to Fight Your Charges

The Illinois Criminal Justice System is complex and the stakes are high. Even penalties for crimes that seem minor often include the possibility of jail time, high fines, and other substantial punishments that can be life-changing.

Law enforcement in Chicago and throughout Illinois is not merely tough on crime – sometimes it can be downright overzealous. Rights are ignored. Important legal steps are skipped. Abuse happens.

The vast majority of officers do not engage in these kinds of tactics, but that does not mean they are your friends, either. Their job is to get you to confess to a crime or otherwise say something that harms your case, because that makes the job of convicting you easier.

You need someone on your side who has been through the process before and understands exactly what it takes to craft a strong defense based on the unique details of your case. Sami Azhari does this for each and every one of his clients, tirelessly working with them to uncover every possible bit of supporting evidence so that he can present you with multiple options and potential outcomes so that you can decide on your strategy together.

When you are up against this kind of fight, having a Chicago criminal defense lawyer like Mr. Azhari makes all the difference. With him by your side, these types of things simply will not happen. He will make sure that your rights are always respected, that correct procedures are followed, and that you never say or do anything that they will be able to use against you. Moreover, if he does notice any problems, he will bring them to the attention of the court as a way to both rectify the situation and build a case for having your criminal charges dropped or dismissed.

And finally, Sami Azhari can continue to help you even after the conclusion of your case. Many people are surprised to discover that they have a criminal record regardless of whether or not they are convicted. This is something that can make it incredibly difficult to live a regular life, since it will show up every time someone conducts a background check on you. A criminal record can cause you to lose out on jobs, apartments, acceptance into colleges and universities, and even prevent you from getting loans.

How can Mr. Azhari help? Because he is one of the top expungement attorneys in Chicago. If you are interested in cleaning up your record after your criminal proceedings end, the right man will already be in your corner.

Work with a Respected Illinois Criminal Defense Lawyer

confident. caring.

These are all words that have been used to describe Chicago defense attorney Sami Azhari. Peers and clients alike have taken notice of his talents, and his reputation – and recognition – is growing:


How has he managed to garner such respect? By taking his job – and his community – seriously. In addition to his private practice, Mr. Azhari serves as a court appointed bar attorney through the Northwest Suburban Bar Association and volunteers to represent indigent defendants in Statutory Summary Suspension hearings in Chicago. He does these things because he truly believes that everyone deserves the best possible defense and to have their rights protected.

A truly hands-on criminal attorney, Sami Azhari has taken pains to make himself experienced in every aspect involved in litigating criminal cases:

  • Taking and defending depositions of expert and lay witnesses.
  • What goes into jury selection.
  • The best tactics to employ during fact and expert discovery.
  • How to engage in briefing and argue substantive motions.
  • What it takes to get evidence suppressed.
  • Conducting opening statements.
  • Direct examinations
  • Cross examinations of all kinds of witnesses,
  • Closing arguments

He has handled all of these duties in countless cases in courts from Cook County to DuPage, Kane, Lake, McHenry, and Will. This means that he truly understands the area, the political climate, and how local judges and prosecutors operate, and can use this knowledge to your advantage. In short, Sami Azhari gets respect – and positive results for his clients – because he understands the intricacies of our complex legal system and employs time-tested tactics and aggressive defense strategies.


We live in a world of 24-hour news cycles where outlets are hungry for stories – especially stories involving criminal acts that they can use to entice people to watch or read. Often, the media only wants to focus on the most lascivious parts of these stories and paint suspects in the most negative light possible, so you need a criminal lawyer skilled in dealing with the press.

Sami Azhari knows how to talk to reporters and journalists, and he is not afraid to take on high-profile cases and work to protect you in the “court of public opinion” in addition to battling prosecutors and winning over judges. His fearlessness in taking on big cases has led to Mr.l Azhari getting mentions in a number of news outlets. Just a few of these include:


AN was charged with 9 counts of attempted murder, aggravated battery with a firearm and unlawful use of a weapon. After reviewing the evidence, Sami took the case to trial and thoroughly cross examined the investigating...


CR was charged with 3 counts of unlawful use of a weapon and possession of a firearm by a felon. Despite having several witnesses that were ready to testify against CR, Sami advised him to take the matter to trial and...


DL was charged with attempted murder in the first degree and aggravated battery with a firearm. DL was involved in an altercation on a car lot in Chicago. With the attempted murder charge, DL was faced with 31-55 years in...


Get In Touch with Chicago Defense Attorney Sami Azhari Right Now

The best time to start crafting the strongest possible defense for your case is always as soon as possible. Prosecutors will begin putting together their case against you as soon as you are arrested, and in some situations even before if there was an ongoing investigation. Waiting to hire a qualified criminal lawyer only gives them more of a head start.

So do not delay. Reach out to Sami Azhari immediately and set up your free initial consultation at one of our two convenient Chicago area locations. We are available 24/7 and ready to serve you – but we will not be able to start until you get in contact with us.


It does not matter whether you are in Chicago itself or one of the many bustling cities surrounding our regional metropolis. Sami Azhari has helped people from all over the region with a variety of criminal issues, and he knows the surrounding area – including local judges and prosecutors – well. Areas we serve include:

Dupage County

  • Naperville
  • Wheaton
  • Addison
  • Wood Dale
  • Carol Stream
  • Glendale Heights
  • Hanover Park

Lake County

  • Waukegan
  • Buffalo Grove
  • Mundelein
  • Highland Park
  • Lake Forest
  • Barrington

Skokie Area

Rolling Meadows

Chicago Area

Sami takes the time to learn about the specific facts and circumstances surrounding each case. Then with meticulous preparation and years of experience a unique strategy is developed to obtain the best result.

- Michael S.

Sami is an excellent advocate, and really fights for his clients. He is an absolute professional. I recommend Sami to anyone who finds themselves in need of a criminal defense attorney.

- David S.


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