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CDL Violations Lawyers

Experienced Criminal Defense Attorney Defending  Clients Against Commercial Driver’s License Charges

Commercial License Traffic Tickets

Commercial vehicles drivers are governed by stricter rules than non-CDL drivers. CDL holders must follow tougher rules and stiffer regulations, and the penalties for violations are more severe. Speeding 15+ or more over the speed limit, following too closely and lane-change violations are considered serious. If you hold a CDL and are found guilty of several serious traffic violations within a specific time period, you could lose your CDL license.  It is crucial that you seek the best violation lawyer you can find. We represent commercial drivers in all types of traffic violation cases and get traffic violations amended to less-serious violations and/or dismissed entirely.

We Work To Keep You Working

For most CDL holders, the loss of one’s right to drive means the loss of your ability to earn a living. We have extensive experience representing and defending all types of traffic violation cases, and we can resolve the matter that is most advantageous for you. We will utilize every legal resource at our disposal to protect your interests. We represent CDL drivers who received tickets for:

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