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Criminal Trespass Defense Attorney

Experienced Criminal Defense Attorney Defending  Clients against Criminal Trespass Charges

Although a charge of criminal trespass is generally considered a misdemeanor that does not mean that this is a criminal charge to be taken lightly. A criminal conviction of a misdemeanor is still a criminal conviction, and as a result, it will go on your record. You will not want a criminal conviction on your record, since you would have to deal with fines, community service hours and public ridicule. If you have ever been charged with criminal trespass, you should call Sami Azhari, experienced criminal defense attorney, today.  

Chicago Criminal Trespass Lawyer Defending Against Trespassing Charges in Illinois

Criminal Trespass is defined as when someone enters or remains on another’s property without the consent of the owner. The property in question could be anything from a building or a house to an automobile. The good news for you is that Sami Azhari knows how to defend against criminal trespass charges. Some common examples to defend against Criminal Trespass charges include:

  • The property in question was open to the public for some specific purpose
  • The defendant exited the property right after being told to do so
  • The trespasser did not obstruct the owner’s use of their property

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