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St. Charles, Illinois Criminal Defense Attorney

*Although our offices are located in Chicago and Rolling Meadows, Illinois, we frequently handle criminal cases in and around St. Charles, Illinois.

St Charles IL Court House

Battle Your St. Charles Charges with a Lawyer Who Knows the Area

St. Charles is a place that has been named as the best city in America for families. The library is nationally ranked. The Chicago Tribune has featured it in an area Top 10 list. Comedy legends have performed at the Arcada. Crime just is not something that happens in this cozy little burg.

Except that, of course, sometimes it does. And when it does, you can be sure that local law enforcement will want to make an example out of you and that your local family, friends, and colleageues will quickly know about your alleged transgressions.

The battle in St. Charles involves not just ensuring that you can avoid conviction, but doing everything possible to protect your good name, keep things quiet, and end your ordeal quickly so you can return to your regular life.

At Azhari, LLC, we have successfully defended a number of people charged in and around St. Charles before, and we understand this completely. Sami Azhari is not afraid to mount a creative, aggressive defense, and he always works hard to get criminal charges dropped or dismissed before trial if at all possible. He knows that criminal penalties only entail some of the consequences you will face and strives to protect your reputation as well as your rights and future.

Why More St. Charles Residents Want Sami Azhari Protecting Them

There are plenty of criminal lawyers in and around the tri-city area who say they can help if you get into trouble. What is different about Mr. Azhari? Why do so many people end up choosing him?

He does the work. Big-name attorneys can seem like a smart choice, but often when you hire a “name,” it is actually someone else who ends up doing much of the work.

That is not how Sami Azhari does things though. When he decides to work with you, he will be involved with every aspect of the case – and he knows what he is doing.

  • Jury selection
  • Best tactics for fact and expert discovery
  • Tracking down evidence and witnesses
  • Getting evidence suppressed
  • Arguing substantive motions
  • Taking and defending depositions – from experts and others
  • Engaging in briefing

He has done it all before, and he understands what needs to be done to give you the best chance of success – whether you end up getting your charges dropped or dismissed, taking a plea deal, or going to trial.

He knows the tri-city area. Mr. Azhari has had cases in Cook County courts. Will County courts. DuPage. McHenry. You name it. If it is in the greater Chicago region, chances are good that he has worked in that court.

St Charles IL Criminal Defense Lawyer

Because of this, he knows the area prosecutors and judges. He understands the political climate. These may seem like inconsequential things, but when it comes to crafting a defense strategy, they can end up being incredibly important.

He cares about the people. Being a lawyer is not merely a job to Sami Azhari. He truly believes that everyone deserves the right to the best defense possible.

That is why he also volunteers as a court-appointed bar attorney through the Northwest Suburban Bar Association, representing indigent defendants in Chicago as they go through Statutory Summary Suspension hearings.

He is well-known and well-respected. We live in a media-obsessed society where the mantra is, “If it bleeds, it leads.” If you find yourself charged with a crime in a smaller community like St. Charles, that means the print media and TV stations are going to be all over it – and you can bet that they will not paint you in the best light.

Thankfully, Mr. Azhari is quite media-savvy and understands how to deal with the press. Media outlets that have specifically named him include ABC 7, CBS 2, FOX 32 Chicago, NBC 5 Chicago, Univision Chicago, the Chicago Daily Law Bulletin, and the Chicago Tribune.

Additionally, he has received quite a bit of recognition from the legal community, such as:

  • Avvo – 10/10 Rating, Clients’ Choice Awards for both Criminal Defense and Federal Crime
  • SuperLawyers – Rated
  • The National Trial Lawyers named to both their Top 40 Over 40 list and to their list of the Top 100 Trial Lawyers

He gets results. In the end, there is only one thing that really matters: can an attorney help you to get the best possible result? While it is impossible to ever promise a particular result where the law is concerned, Sami Azhari’s case history speaks for itself.

He is regularly able to get his clients’ charges dropped, dismissed, or reduced without ever having to go to trial. However, as mentioned above, he is also completely comfortable in the courtroom and has been able to help clients avoid getting a guilty verdict on many occasions.

St. Charles Charges That Sami Azhari Understands How to Beat

If you are suffering from heart problems, chances are good that you would not go to a foot doctor. Well, the same is true for the law.

Fighting a DUI is different from battling a theft charge. Each requires specialized knowledge. That is why it is so important to look for a lawyer who can demonstrate success handling the specific crime that you are charged with.

Over the years, Sami Azhari has had success with all kinds of different charges, including:

Aggravated Battery

Aggravated Criminal Sexual Abuse & Assault

Assault & Battery


CDL Violations

Criminal Sexual Abuse & Assault

Criminal Trespass

Disorderly Conduct

Domestic Battery & Domestic Violence

Driver’s License Reinstatement

Drug Crimes

Drug Possession

DUI Defense

DUI Misdemeanor vs. Felony

DUI Monitoring Device Driving Permit


Federal Crimes



Healthcare Fraud

Mortgage Fraud


Possession of Marijuana/Cannabis


Public Indecency

Retail Theft/Shoplifting

Sex Crimes

Tax Fraud

Theft Crimes

Traffic Violations

Violent Crimes

Weapons Charges/Gun Crimes

White Collar Crimes

Contact Azhari, LLC Now to Battle Your St. Charles Charges

Criminal Attorney St Charles IL

Time is of the essence when dealing with a criminal charge. Evidence can disappear or be rendered unusable. Scare tactics by the prosecutor or other law enforcement officials can cause you to say or do something that negatively impacts your case.

If you want the best chance at a positive outcome for you and your family, finding and hiring an experienced criminal lawyer fast is one of the most important things you can do. Sami Azhari can help, but only if you reach out first.

All you have to do to schedule a free initial consultation is complete the form on our website, call (312) 626-2871 (Chicago) or (847) 255-2100 (Rolling Meadows), or email