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Weapon & Gun Charge Defense Attorneys

Experienced Criminal Defense Attorney Defending  Clients against Weapons Charges and Gun Crimes Charges

If you have recently been arrested for illegally carrying a concealed weapon or charged with any other gun or firearms offense in Chicago, you know that a person does not have to be a celebrity to come under intense scrutiny from authorities. You could be a hunter, sportsman, gun collector or average citizen seeking protection for your home and family and are now facing weapons charges with serious ramifications.

Sami’s experience as a Chicago gun crimes lawyer, representing defendants in criminal courts providing aggressive defense and his comprehensive knowledge of weapons law will give you the best chance for a favorable outcome. You can expect attentive, creative and quality legal representation in weapons-related situations involving:

  • Possession of firearms, handguns or Tasers
  • Assault with a deadly weapon
  • Carrying of concealed weapons
  • Unlicensed firearms use
  • Unlawful sale of weapons or illegal firearms dealing
  • Illegal discharge of weapons
  • Unlawful possession of weapons by felons or minors
  • Possession, manufacture or sale of explosives
  • Other weapons charges

Chicago Weapons Charges and Gun Crimes Lawyer Defending Against Weapons Charges in Illinois

Sami insists on being fully accessible to each of his clients from start to finish in a weapons defense case, and will keep each client “in the loop” regarding any development in their case. In order to provide the most comprehensive defense possible against weapons charges, Sami will look carefully at the possibility of an illegal search and seizure and at any evidence against his client that might be tainted or suspiciously handled. If his client’s rights were violated, Sami will fight vigorously to have this evidence suppressed from the record. Weapons charges are very serious. If you have been arrested for a weapons-related offense, only the experienced, aggressive and knowledgeable kind of legal representation offered by Sami will do.

The courts do not look kindly upon those who are charged with gun or weapon charges, and state lawmakers have created severe penalties for those who violate the laws. Many individuals are not even aware that certain actions are highly illegal, such as carrying a weapon in your vehicle for protection. In order to legally carry a weapon in your vehicle, you are required to enclose the gun in a case, and it cannot be loaded. If you are stopped and the gun is found, in many cases you will be charged with unlawful use of a weapon, a Class 4 felony offense. If convicted, you will face the remainder of your life as a convicted felon, with all the problems and difficulties that come with that designation.

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