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Federal Criminal Defense Lawyers

A Chicago Federal Crimes Lawyer Who You Will Stand Up for You

Rolling Meadows Federal Criminal Defense Attorney

If you learn that you are being investigated for or charged with a federal crime, it can turn your life upside down. Will you lose your job? Go to prison? How are you going to survive this?

Penalties are incredibly severe, with many crimes coming with mandatory minimum sentences. You are also likely to face far more evidence, because a federal investigation means that larger organizations with bigger budgets will be looking into you – organizations such as the FBI. Moreover, federal cases work differently than those at the state level – penalties, court procedures, and general processes are all unique to the federal court.

All of which means that you cannot simply turn to just anyone if you find yourself up against federal charges. Who can help if you are in the Rolling Meadows area?

In his years of practicing law, Sami Azhari has successfully handled numerous federal cases and helped all kinds of clients just like you. He not only understands how serious federal charges are, his years of experience have taught him exactly what is needed to fight back, protect your rights, and give you the best possible chance at receiving a positive outcome.


Types of Federal Crimes and Penalties a Rolling Meadows Criminal Lawyer Can Help With

What is a federal crime? Quite simply, it is any act that has been made illegal by U.S. federal legislation.

Many people believe that federal crimes only encompass acts that cross state or national borders or involve federal property in some way, but this is not true. Sami has successfully helped people with all kinds of federal cases, including charges related to:

Drug Crimes. If a crime involves crossing state or national borders, it often becomes a federal charge. This includes many different types of drug crimes: manufacturing, selling, trafficking, and more.

Chicago Drug Trafficking Defense Lawyer

Despite quite a bit of push-back in recent years, America is still fighting “The War on Drugs.” This means that there is still a goal to put as many drug users and distributors as possible behind bars. Worse, when the feds are involved, searches are more extensive, common drugs are viewed as more dangerous, and penalties may include a minimum of 10 years in prison, because federal law has mandatory minimums for those who are convicted of drug crimes.

Some of these penalties include:

  • If death or serious bodily injury results from manufacturing, distributing, or possessing with the intention to distribute any Schedule I or II drug, 1 g flunitrazepam, GHB, or synthetic drugs (even if it is your first offense): 20 years in prison
  • If no death or seriously bodily injury results from manufacturing, distributing, or possessing with the intention to distribute 100 g heroin, 500 g cocaine, 28 g crack, 10 g PCP, 1 g LSD, 100 kg marijuana, or 5 g meth (even if it your first offense): 5 years in prison
  • If deemed a continuing criminal enterprise: 20 years in prison

Additionally, federal law has something called the “three strikes and you’re out” policy. If you are convicted of three federal offenses, you will end up in prison for life.

It’s not uncommon for people to be sentenced to decades in prison for simple drug crimes. Sami Azhari will fight hard to make sure that does not happen to you.

Weapons Crimes. Firearms and other weapons are a hot topic in state and federal law. Where are you allowed to carry a gun? Does the gun have to be concealed? Do these laws violate our second amendment rights?

Federal Gun Crimes Defense

These questions have different answers depending on whether or not you have been convicted of specific crimes. If you are caught with a gun after having been previously convicted, you may face penalties for using or simply possessing a firearm that include decades in prison.

Possession of a firearm for convicted felons or drug offenders is punishable by up to 10 years in prison. Using the firearm can add an additional 10 years. Using a silencer or automatic weapon can add an additional 30 years.

Prosecutors will not hesitate to tack on charges like these if they can. However, Sami has worked on cases like this in the past, and he knows how to use the law to call evidence and tactics into question to protect you.

Sex Crimes. From sexual assault to child pornography charges, sex crime convictions often come with a heavier stigma than many other crimes. Because of this, proving your innocence can often make defendants feel like they are fighting for their dignity as well as their freedom.

Penalties for federal sex crimes often include years – or even decades – of prison time. Additionally, they may come with exorbitant fines and other punishments. The worst consequence, however, may be the fact that you will have to appear on the federal sex offender registry.

Being on the registry means having to regularly check in with law enforcement. It limits where you can go and what you can do. It is available to the public.

That means a quick Google search can reveal mistakes you made decades prior.

The public stigma of being a convicted sex offender will follow you while you are applying for jobs, housing, federal assistance, and more.

When you work with Sami Azhari, he will do his utmost to protect your rights and future by crafting a defense designed to avoid conviction in the first place.


Why People in Illinois Turn to Sami Azhari to Fight Federal Charges

Why People in Illinois Turn to Sami Azhari to Fight Federal Charges

There are a number of reasons why so many Rolling Meadows residents choose Sami Azhari to help them fight their federal charges.

Experience. Sami worked for years at a big Illinois criminal defense firm before forming his own practice. That means he has been able to successfully handle criminal cases large and small, including a number of federal cases involving drug crimes, weapons crimes, sex crimes, and more.

Results. You want to know that the defense lawyer you choose is able to achieve a positive outcome for their clients. Sami Azhari has the knowledge and skill necessary to get your charges reduced, dropped, or dismissed. In short, he gets results.

Acclaim. Sami has been recognized by large legal organizations like SuperLawyers (Illinois Rising Star for 2015 and 2016) and the National Trial Lawyers Association (Top 100 Trial Lawyers from 2014-2016 and Top 40 Under 40 from 2014-2016), and he has been asked to give presentations on a number of legal topics. In other words, he is trusted by legal professionals and experts as one of the best in his field.

One of the biggest reasons for his success is because Sami Azhari cares. He volunteers his free time to represent defendants who cannot afford legal counsel in Statutory Summary Suspension hearings in Chicago. He works hard to stay up-to-date on all of the latest changes to federal criminal law. Finally, he is passionate about protecting the rights of those who have been accused of all types of crimes.


Why You Need to Get in Touch with an Illinois Federal Lawyer Now

If you face charges at the state or local level, it is important to act fast and hire a lawyer as soon as possible. However, it is even more important to do this if you are charged with a federal crime or learn that you are under investigation.

The faster you get a knowledgeable federal criminal attorney on your side, the more likely you are to receive a positive outcome. In some situations where the feds are still investigating but have not yet charged or arrested you, it may be possible to call a halt to the investigation and prevent charges from ever being filed.

To make this happen, though, you need to contact Sami Azhari now.  Set up a free consultation today by filling out our online form, emailing, or calling one of our two area offices:

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