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Aug. 18 2020

Dispensary Burglary Exposes Risk of IL’s All-Cash Cannabis Industry

Posted By: Sami Azhari

Dispensary Burglary Exposes Risk of IL's All-Cash Cannabis Industry

New industries lead to new logistical problems. Some new industries have more problems than others, though, and Illinois’ new cannabis companies have recently discovered that they are incredibly vulnerable to burglary losses.

In fact, during the first month of legal cannabis sales alone, nearly $40 million worth of weed was stolen in Illinois.

From basic shoplifting to torch-wielding burglars in Logan Square, people are finding cannabis companies all too easy to target. The cash-heavy nature of the industry doesn’t make it any less tempting.

As a result, cannabis businesses are beginning to install significant security systems to prevent this kind of theft. However, security may not be the primary deterrent for cannabis theft. The legal penalties are enough all on their own.

Burglary: A Serious Illinois Offense

Burglary is a broader crime than many realize. It’s not just the theft of an object. In fact, burglary is more a crime of intent than one of action.

Illinois defines burglary as entering someone else’s property unlawfully while intending to commit another crime. This crime is a class 2 felony, carrying up to seven years in prison and fines up to $25,000. Actually managing to commit another crime such as theft is irrelevant. All it takes is the intent.

One key component of a burglary classification is being on the property unlawfully. Stealing from a property while you are there legally is only considered theft, not burglary.

For a crime to be classified as a burglary, the person must first have entered the property without permission or remained on the property after their permission to be there expired. That crosses the threshold into unlawful.

Even then, though, just breaking into a property doesn’t quite meet the line to qualify as burglary. That leaves the crime at a lower level of criminal trespassing, which is typically a Class A misdemeanor.

However, intending to commit another crime such as theft or some other felony raises the crime to the level of burglary.

How Burglary Methods and Amounts Affect Penalties

Intent is the keystone of a burglary charge. If a potential burglar is arrested before committing another crime, they can still be convicted of burglary if intent can be proven. One of the easiest methods of proving intent is finding tools of burglary on someone’s person.

The alleged blowtorch-wielding burglar in Logan Square is a clear example of how the tools used can point to intent. The supposed burglar carried a blowtorch with them while accessing the cannabis storage facility after hours.

There are very few reasons a person might need a blowtorch capable of cutting through steel on an average day. Should it be shown that they brought the blowtorch with them, it appears more likely that they entered the building with the intent to commit a crime.

If the burglary is successful and property is stolen, then the potential penalties are doubled. Theft is its own crime and tried in conjunction with burglary.

The alleged Logan Park burglar is accused of having stolen $200,000 worth of property, which is a class 2 felony based on the value. So, if a suspect is charged, they will likely be charged with two separate class 2 felonies, potentially doubling their time in prison and their fines.

Rolling Meadows Burglary Attorney

As you can see, burglary is a more complex crime for the legal system to process than one might initially believe. Proving intent is a difficult matter.

Anyone charged with a burglary offense should reach out to an experienced attorney to work on minimizing their potential charges right away.

Defend Your Rights with Our Expert Burglary Defense Attorneys

If you or someone you know is facing burglary charges, it’s crucial to understand your rights and the possible defenses available to you. At Azhari LLC, our experienced burglary defense attorneys are dedicated to protecting your rights and ensuring the best possible outcome for your case. Contact us today for a consultation and take the first step towards safeguarding your freedom and future.

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